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Old Kids on the Block

Veith Technologies - Managed IT Services

David Veith and Frank Cecere are proud to announce the formation of Veith Technologies, a National Managed IT Services Provider. We offer Fully Managed IT Services to Enterprise and Small Business IT Support.

David and Frank have a history dating back 20 years when they both worked at Skanska USA Building Inc. in NYC. Back in 1997, David was the Director of IT, and Frank was his Network Technician. They ran a 250 node office network with up to 12 remote offices deployed throughout the New York City area. Those were the days of phone line modems and $2000 a month T1 lines. They managed the company through the transition to high-speed internet and developed an in-depth management and response program that kept costs and downtime to a historic minimum for the times.

My My how times have changed...

David Veith
President & CEO of Veith Technologies
Frank Cecere
President & CIO of Veith Technologies

After David's 20 years in corporate finance IT management, and Frank's 20 years as a successful small business IT consultant, They have decided to pair up together to start a company where we can offer their years of experience and service.

We invite you to visit us online at https://www.veithtech.com
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We can lower your company's IT spend, and increase productivity. Ask us, we'll prove it!