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How to make sure your company always has computers on hand

As technology managers, we often get hurried requests to purchase a laptop or desktop for an unexpected hire. This often results in a hasty purchase that may not always be ready for the new hire. This affects morale and does not make a good first impression of your company. We will always stirve to get our clients the best hardware as soon as possible, but a little planning here will go a long way. With some small budget adjustments, you can always have spare and new equipment on hand and not spend much more that you already are!

Let's say you're a small business with 10 computers. An unmanaged PC will need to be replaced on average every 3 years. This means you will buy 10 computers every 3 years or so. If you plan for this and include the costs into your annual budget, you can set up a system where you always have reasonable new hardware on hand when one goes down for "the long sleep" with a little more capital investment.

Plan to make your purchases around the time of year when prices are lowest, like around the holidays. Purchase two more computers than needed. Keep the computers powered up and connected to the internet so they're always updated and ready to go.

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