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Wi-Fi 6: Here it comes!
The pandemic brought families together. Day in and day out, we learned to work together, learn together, and play together. It also brought all of our Wi-Fi-connected devices under one roof, which took a huge toll on our wireless networks. While our current services allow for easy downloading and streaming, when you combine so many devices that are all reliant on one singular network, it puts a strain on the system. This will change with Wi-Fi 6.

The primary benefits of Wi-Fi 6 will not be increased wireless networking speed or availability but instead will be in its ability to handle the current average of nine Wi-Fi-connected devices per household. Newer devices and computer networking systems that have the Wi-Fi 6 capability may see a slightly increased internet speed but will more likely notice an increased battery life, stronger connections, and improved security measures that can help keep your data safe, which is vital in this new age of remote working.

Read More: https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/21/18232026/wi-fi-6-speed-explained-router-wifi-how-does-work

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